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What amenities can I expect in each cottage?
Cable TV
DVD player
VHS player
Linens / Sheets
Towels (not to be taken outside the cottage)
BBQ (charcoal) pit
Garden Hose
Electric Coffee Pot
Pots / Pans
Baking Dishes
Basic dishes / glasses / utensils
What items will I need to bring with me?
A: Suggested items include:

  • Drinking water
  • Your favorite coffee and sweeteners
  • Cooler for the pier / boat
  • Towels for the pier
  • Coals/ lighter fluid for the pit
  • Portable radio for the pier (please be considerate of neighbors)
  • 2 way radios “walkie talkies” (to communicate from the pier to the house)
  • Ice (There is an icemaker in the fridge downstairs, but not upstairs)
  • Oversize pots for a large jambalaya or crawfish boil
  • Plastic wear / Paper Plates / Extra Paper Towels / etc. for convenience
Will there be a phone inside the cottage?
A: No. Please make sure you have a cell phone for emergencies.  You will want to make sure to keep the cottage address available if you need 9-1-1 for any reason.
Can I get on the internet while at the cottage?
A: Yes, if you bring a laptop or computer. There is high speed internet access, but no computer.
Are their parking restrictions at the cottage?
A: Yes. Each cottage is allowed a total of three vehicles with only one of the three being a boat / trailer or oversized vehicle.
Can I bring my small pet with me?
A: No pets of any kind are allowed at the cottages.
Can I swim in False River?
A: It is allowed – But swimming is at your own risk.
If I rent on a monthly basis, can I receive mail at the cottage?
A: No. There is no mailbox at the cottage. You will have to contact the local post office regarding box rental.
Are the cottages handicapped accessible?
A: Not really. A wheelchair can definitely access both the upstairs and downstairs cottages. However, the bathrooms are not equipped with handrails and there is a tub in each bathroom, which does not meet the standards for handicap accessibility. Please note there is a fairly large step to enter the downstairs cottage. We were able to lift a wheelchair into the cottage, but again, there is no ramp to meet the standards for handicap accessibility.
Will the security deposit alone hold a reservation?
A: No. We require 50% the total rental amount to make a reservation and the final 50% is due 14 days prior to arrival. (Total Rental Amount = Rental Fees + Tax + Deposit)
What are the differences in how the cottages are laid out?
A: The upstairs for a futon in the L.R. that folds down into a full size bed. The downstairs cottage has a large Master Bedroom that can be easily converted to a Banquet Room by raising the Murphy Bed into the closet. See below for specific layouts:
DOWNSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS (with all beds in use)
What is the purpose of the Banquet Room and what does it look like?
A: When both cottages are rented by the same group it allows space for everyone to eat in one location. It has seating for 12 people. The Murphy bed in the master closes into a closet and Banquet tables and chairs are available for use as a Banquet Room. See pictures in our photo gallery for a better visual.